Thursday, December 13, 2018

Count My Blessings Not My Heartbreaks

I love wrapping Christmas presents while watching Hallmark movies. Yesterday, I spent the evening wrapping and reflecting on all the glorious, family Christmas gatherings Ron and I have shared. This year we are going to Los Angeles for a warm time with Bethany and Tanner. It will be wonderful to spend time with them but we will miss our other kids, grandkids and extended family.

Losing Ryan almost a decade ago has helped us treasure each gift of time spent together with those we love. It will never be what it once was with our kids young and living under one roof. But it is still a gift that they are sharing holidays with those they love and building memories with their own families. Life moves through phases. Some are full of sadness and loss and some are filled with new life and joy. It is a decision to live life and appreciate what we do have rather than dwelling on the sadness. I choose joy.

It has been five years since we spent a holiday with our Tanner. I can’t wait to simply be in his presence and touch his face. God has blessed me with a life far beyond my hopes. Too many times I have doubted and fallen into despair. Each time I have seen His hand gently guiding my path. The greatest gift of my life is truly my faith, family and friends. We all say that but I couldn’t imagine living life without each of them.

In Him,
Ronnie B.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

911 Butt Dial at 5 am Getting Day Started Early

5 AM 911 butt dial 
This will ruin your sleep.
At 5 am Ron’s phone went off. He got a text message and his alert sounds like an Amber alert. I picked up my phone to see what time it was and my phone said 911. This was completely strange since I have never called 911 from my phone. I thought we only butt dial numbers we have called before. I pressed a button to clear it but being half asleep I called 911 instead. Being the brilliant, sleepy head that I was, I hung up. One moment later a lady with a pleasant voice called me back. She asked my address and if I was okay. Yes, just embarrassed and wanting to go back to sleep. Protocol is that an office has to come by and check any calls to 911. Guess I am up early today.

The nice officer came in looked around, said he liked our electric fireplace and listened to my nervous explaination and left. Now Ron and I are on the books with an emergency call to the police. Terrific! I hope my phone doesn’t plan on calling them on a regular basis. By the way, Kylie and Ron stayed upstairs in bed while my visitor was here. If there is ever a next time I plan to take the officer upstairs to introduce my sleepy husband and multipoo. Why should I have all the excitement? 

In Him,

Monday, December 10, 2018

Ronnie B and Me

What a wonderful day. I spent the day with my sweet Ronnie B. Church, lunch, shopping with the other last minute shoppers, then chatting at Whole Foods over dinner, and finally home sitting at the table updating our to do shopping lists. What a wonderful day. Oh how I love this man.

In Him,

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Community Light Parades-Perfection

Christmas light parades in towns across our country are enjoyed by so many of us. Ron and I went up to the pond to watch as various groups rolled by on bicycles, fire trucks and a variety of floats lit up with holiday glitter. The wonderful thing is all those we know watching the parade and sipping hot chocolate and those we cheer as they wave from the street.

When we got home I noticed all the posts on Facebook of others who enjoyed their communities light parades in their hometowns. What a wonderful tradition to bring us all together to enjoy this festive season. No politics, no negative arguments just neighbors celebrating and embracing neighbors. America is beautiful in all the moments and traditions that we embrace together.

In Him,

Saturday, December 8, 2018

No Gifts, No List, No Grand Ideas, No Good Excuses

Here is the truth of the matter and it is pretty frightening. It is two weeks until Christmas and for the first time ever I haven’t purchased even one gift. Worse than that is that I have no ideas on what I am going to give anyone on my list Let me be even more honest. I don’t even have a list. Yep, it is that Christmas. It is kindof hard to explain how this happened. It certainly isn’t because of lack of time or lack of love for those who should have gifts under the tree from me.

 I am not a last minute shopper. In fact, for most of my life I found the perfect gifts throughout the year and had them safely tucked into the attic all wrapped and ready for the big day. That’s it. I can blame it on the fact that we no longer have an attic. Guilt erased. Nope that doesn’t work to alleviate the stress of not having this task completed.

Guess I know what Ron and I are doing this weekend. Happy shopping everyone.

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Kind Words from a New Friend

Barbara - I was so nervous to meet you and Jen that night. I was still pretty closed off and was too self conscious of what people thought of me. But WOWOWOWOWOWOW.  :-D You're like an energy ball. Not in the "being busy" sense.... but you are a straight shooter. And I feel that as I talk to you. You say what you mean, you say it clearly and effortlessly. Your words are seriously like a hug around somebody's soul. I think you are the type to seriously invest love into each meeting you are at. You give so easily what so many people crave. I was shocked how much emotion I felt just visiting with you at one dinner. Hearing a little about your life... you've been through a lot and you are always there for other people. I'm happy to know you. <3

What kind words from a lady I have only met a few times but consider a friend.

In life we have heart friends who have walked beside us for decades and then there are those who step into our lives and touch us instantly. What a gift friends are if they are with us for a season or a lifetime.

In Him,

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Today is a New Day, Thankfully!

Beat myself up last night after a day of whining, complaining and bad mouthing others. Why oh why do I get caught up in the weeds of ugliness. My school experience has been wonderful yet I let one negative Nellie turn me into a growling, teeth baring, crazy. Bottom line is she wins. I give her power over my heart and my actions. Ugh! I pray that I am in charge today of my mind, my heart, and my mouth. People hear me, see me and what I present is up to me. To lower myself into her hatefulness or rise above and pray for her. My condemnation of her condemnation is not the brightest way for me to spend an entire day, well into the evening. Pray for me to have a better day not with her but with me.

In Him,

1 Corinthians 16:14 Do everything in love.

Hopefully I will make this my mantra today and forgive others and myself.