Thursday, April 22, 2010

Our Amazing Love Story

Who knew, ours would be 1 of the most amazing love stories ever told? I sure didn't! There were times when life was so incredible for Ron and I and times I thought there was no hope we could make it together. Yet, here we are 33 years of marriage later closer and more in love than we have ever been.
Our story started as a high school romance. Then when we were through college and ready to start a family we found out my baby maker wouldn't work. Well, that sounds much easier than the living of it. Multiple tests through the years, false hopes, then the reality that my body was not going to produce a little Barber. On to adoption. So, we would be a chosen family whatever it took to have a family was what we would do. Ron was more loving than ever during all the highs and lows of those years.
Somewhere during the lives of our 4 amazing, God given children's lives we lost our kindness for 1 another. Then after 6 years in 2 households we found our way back to the love and respect we had for each other. It was another amazing, God given part of our lives. Our being Under 1 Roof was my greatest answered prayer. Never during those heartbreaking years did either of us lose the hope that God would bring us back together. Patience was difficult but all things in His timing.
This past 2 weeks after losing our son to the tragedy of suicide have had more pain than I thought I could endure. But along with the sadness have been countless blessings and ways we see God's love shining through the darkness.
Ron is my best friend, my life mate and the 1 who has walked beside me comforting me every step of this unchosen journey. I could not imagine a greater love than ours. Never do I want to go through anything wonderful or painful without Ron by my side, praying with me, holding me, and wiping my tears away.
The second 1/2 of our lives will surely be filled with highs and lows, but we have learned that keeping God as the glue holding our love together is the key.

In Him....with him,

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