Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Difference Between Try and Triumph is Just a Little Umph!

The difference between TRY and TRIUMPH is just a little UMPH!

I have this sign posted in my classroom. But I need to post it where I can see it at home, in my car, where ever I am. The Umph is what I need to bring to situations I don't enjoy.

When Ron and I were struggling, it was easier for me to blame him than to put a mirror to my nose and try with a little umph to change the poor choices I was making. One therapist got my number right away. I had decided if things weren't better by my 25th anniversary, I would just throw my hands up and walk away. Laziest idea I had ever come up with! It was a major cop out on my part and really was a decision that took me out of the relationship emotionally. I had given myself a safety valve, so I didn't have to put any UMPH into it at all. My plan was to ride it out not make it work. Failure was inevitable with my attitude.

After the tongue lashing by my therapist and her brilliant words, I decided to roll up my sleeves and put both feet into this mess Ron and I had both created. With this new  belief that I was in this marriage for life, I began making the changes in me that would lead to a renewed love between us. I began putting UMPH into my life and TRIUMPH became possible.

Poker players call it going all in. Knowing that you are going to risk everything, work tirelessly, never give up, leads you to put the extra effort into whatever you are working on and success is sure to follow.

I have a most amazing love story with the man that is my heart's desire. It was not easy for us to change and forgive the hurts we caused each other, but oh has it been worth it. If an angry past and 6 year separation led us to a stronger, more supportive and loving relationship, every tear and heartache was worth it. It took UMPH and a whole lot of prayers but here we are more in love than when we walked down the aishle. "Under one roof" was my 3 word prayer for years. God knew but we had to do the work. We had to change what was broken in each of us, but mostly belief that we were going to TRIUMPH.

In Him,

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