Sunday, October 21, 2012

Adult Children

Our concern and worry over our children does not come to a halt on their 18th birthday. In some ways this is the greatest time for our prayers and support. Their are choices and decisions that come with their moving out of our homes and into their own responsibility and independence. They are regulating their own time, relationships, and countless other choices. Loneliness for home can be confusing when they have waiting so long to get out from under our control. College, jobs, choosing how to manage their time is a balancing act that used to be supported by our helpful, nagging reminders when they were still at home.  Then comes the holidays or summer when they return with newfound freedoms that we haven't quite grown into as somewhat controlling parents.

Here I sit with my own children reaching the point of putting the early 20 concerns to rest. Their lives seem to be settling into the plans that are working for them. God has moved Cam and his family to Washington to plant a church to reach those 'farthest out' people. Faith is providing the strength and finances they need to grow this ministry. Tanner is finishing up his paramedic and psychology degrees this year. He is in a sweet relationship with love and respect on both sides. Hearing his plans for his future are so encouraging. Of course we all chuckle as he realizes he is now spouting our advice to his roommates about the choices they make. Natalie is flourishing in her commitments to Christ as she seeks Him first on a daily basis. She still hopes to pursue a career in Sign Language and Ministry. I know God will reveal His perfect plan for her as she obediently and patiently listens. Dorothy is enjoying her work at Petco as a groomer. She has always been such an animal lover that this is perfect for her. After spending time this summer at the beach with her new fiance, we can see that God has blessed her and our Lissa with a man that will love and protect them. We are blessed that he is so willing to include us into their lives and his heart. He has certainly captured ours.

It occurs to me on this quiet Sunday afternoon, that I have so much to be thankful for. My children are grown, each love the Lord, and are pursuing their dreams. It is comforting to know that they have each chosen their path and are committed to reaching their goals. The years of worry and wonder are behind us as are the teenage years. From the moment we become parents we dream of our kids living out life as content, self-reliant, joyful people. The bonus is when they not only grow up but include us in their lives.

Today I am blessed!
In Him,

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  1. It sounds like you are in a good place -very encouraging. Our God is good.