Thursday, November 11, 2010

Keyboard or Fork?

Writer's break, exhaustion I am really not sure which. The past few days I just couldn't seem to pick up the keyboard and get words out. I must admit it frightened me. This blog and pouring my thoughts out has been one of the most important commitments I have made for me. Follow through is not one of my strong character traits. So as the days slipped by with no writing, I became concerned that I was done writing. That had me mourning my loss. This writing is extremely important to me. It has become a part of my identity as well as a release of emotions and a way to share my faithful walk through my life journey. It would break my heart to stop blogging.

Some release their emotions through music. What a gift to be able to play the piano or guitar when life gets overwhelming with happiness or heartache. Some turn to exercise and just tie on their tennies and run until their bodies are exhausted. Others pick up a paintbrush or pencil and pour their hearts into expressive pictures. For the first time, I have found my release and writing has been the greatest gift I have given myself.

For those who find a release that is productive there are also those (including me) who turn to unhealthy ways of dealing with life. Cigarettes, drugs, food, and wrong relationships can seem like a way to cope. But the damage these create only brings about more stress when we feel guilt for endulging. So my prayer for me is to pick up my laptop instead of my fork. My prayer for each of you is to find an outlet that keeps you sane while creating something you are proud of.

In Him,

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  1. hhhmmm...I'm still looking for a release that doesn't involve screaming at the fam. I'm really not sure that blogging is it. I'm glad you have found your outlet. I love you.