Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Day Bubble Bath

Priority #1 taking a bubble bath on Christmas day. Now you're probably thinking that there are so many more worthy priorities at this time of year, like family, friends, giving, less fortunate people. Of course, each of these deserves our time and focus. But taking a bubble bath on Christmas represents something that Jesus talks about in the Bible. Having a Mary spirit in a Martha world.

Taking the time for a bubble bath symbolizes taking time out, time to reflect, relax and unwind. The holiday season has become the stressed, exhausted, can I get it all accomplished season. We get so caught up on the details and the checking off lists that we forget what it is all about. It is about God's gift of Christ's birth and celebrating that with those we love. Of course, it is important to have the delicious meals and the thoughtful gifts.

Making time for a  luxurious soak instead of a hurried up shower sets my mental state for Christmas Day. So I get up before dawn, make the cinnamon rolls and coffee, turn on the Christmas tree lights and make sure that the stockings and gifts look just right. Then I head down the hall to my deep tub and take a few minutes to myself to just lay back close my eyes and thank God for all the blessings in my life.

 The meal will come together, the gifts will be appreciated, but the real memories are of the hugs and smiles we share. Even when our home was filled with 4 excited, energetic kiddos, I took time for the bubbles. This day should be looked forward to not as a day to get through but as a day to enjoy with those we love.

In Him,

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