Sunday, March 14, 2010

Welcome To My Life And My Blog

Blogging for the past 2 months has been amazing. Sometimes I have to quit writing because I am laughing so hard or to stop and wipe away my tears. I hope this has been a blessing in the lives of those who are reading it. It has certainly been a blessing in my life.

I started this blog to write with 1 of my Young Life girls who was having trouble with cutting. The idea was for her to pick up a pen instead of a blade. So we decided to be accountable to each other to write every day. She is writing and it is helping. Praise God.

This writing has been a wonderful gift for me. It has been fun because people who read it are reminding me of stories I forgot long ago. I have reconnected with old friends and deepened relationships with new people in my life. I even convinced a friend to start a blog.

If you are reading my blog, my life stories, I would love to get your feedback and welcome you. You can leave a comment on the blog or email me at I look forward to hearing from you. If you have an idea for me from my life or yours, please let me know. This blogging is kind of like being on the radio. I just keep writing, DJs keep talking and we wonder if anyone is listening. My hope is someone is touched by my words.

My hope is to live my life and write this blog to honor God. Young Life changed my life 5 years ago when I became a leader and now this blog site has changed my life again. I seek to step out of His way and let Him use my life stories to bring messages of hope and faith to those who read. Thanks for this humbling opportunity.

In HIm,

Enjoying a snowy Sunday afternoon in New Mexico snuggled up with my laptop and friends.

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  1. I was in Young LIfe years ago in high school. So glad to hear you were able to help the girl who was cutting. Writing can be excellent therapy. It is for me!