Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Birthparent Heros, Chosen Parents Blessed

The prayer for all adopting parents is what our children will know in their hearts that they were not only wanted but chosen by the parents God had planned for them all along. The path to these families could never be possible with out the amazing love, outstanding courage, and complete unselfish hearts of their birth parents. The hardest, most loving act a parent can do is let go of a child that never for a moment leaves their hearts. Empty arms are filled with the perfect child when these parents follow God's plan.

With anxious hearts and open arms,
We sought you everywhere.
You, Dear Child, are a gift from God,
The answer to our prayer.

No matter whether birth or choice,
A home is blessed from Above,
When caring parents claim their child,
A family is formed by love.

God blessed Ron and I with 4 incredible chosen children. 3 of our adoptions ended when their parents changed directions during the process. I thank God that each of our adoptions was meant to be. Our family was formed perfectly by each and everyone honestly following their hearts. No one should come away from an adoption choice with a hole in their heart but with an assurance that their choice was right for everyone. Surrounding a child with love and praying throughout their lives is done by their parents; birth and chosen. Birth parents never stop loving and praying for their child they just are silent partners with their day by day parents.

In Him,

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