Friday, January 6, 2012

Don't Say The Lord's Name In Vail, Gum Gal!

Don't say the Lord's name in Vail. Heck, we are not even in Colorado! One of my students is forever saying God in class and I correct him with gosh. Today, after I corrected him he told me that it is in the Bible to not say the Lord's name in Vail. I had to try so hard not to laugh. He is very literal and went on to explain it is one of the commandments. Oh the things kids say.

Yesterday at the doctor's office a lady was in the waiting room chomping away at her gum. It was driving me nuts! I just kept thinking how could she not be aware of how she was disturbing all those around her with her annoying smacking. Personally, I let it put me in a grumpy mood and distract me from the book I was reading. Oh how I wanted to walk over and stick my hand under her chin and tell her to spit it out.

These 2 situations made me wonder how my actions and words disrupt and disturb those around me. This kiddo in my class says 'God' because he hears it used by the adults in his life. The gum gal was completely unaware of her actions intruding in other's lives. She would probably be horrified to know she was driving us all crazy. There are possibly and probably a number of ways I bug or offend others. Guess checking other people's expressions could help me be more aware.

This is one more reason why I should be honest with those I love about things that bother me. I also need to be forgiving if a friend gently points out annoying behaviors or habits of mine. Maybe they are helping me be more socially acceptable. The last thing I would want to do is bug people around me.

In Him,

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  1. I will have to be care full around you when I am crewing gum. My daughter hates it too and she is always telling the kids to stop or spit it out.