Saturday, January 14, 2012


I went on and on about the wonderful qualities of my amazing husband when the social worker asked me why he would be a good father. We were being interviewed for the adoption process. Of course I had oodles to say about the love of my life. When it was his turn to express why I would be a good mom he said one word. One word? I was so disappointed. But you know, now that our chosen family is all grown up I realize he thought I had the most important quality. Patience.

Later when I fussed at him for not going on and on about how loving and kind I was, he just smiled. His thought was that these people knew how much we wanted to be parents because we were there desperate for a family. But what I needed and what I possessed was patience. Oh how I wish I could have had more patience during the next 20+ years as we raised our 4 incredibly active kids. How many times I  knelt down to pray for more patience? I never had to pray for more love that was just a part of my heart.

Each of us expresses ourselves in our own unique way. There are times we are hurt or disappointed because of our assumptions when others don't respond like we would. Ron believed in me to be the mother of 4 chosen children. He didn't need a 3 volume answer to why I could and would be a great mom. He was sitting there next to me each and every time we were blessed with a new opportunity to love a child. That spoke louder than any eloquent  speech. I just need to be more patient and accepting of our differences.

In Him,

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  1. It is an admirable quality. I could use a little more of it.