Saturday, March 17, 2012

Flexible Saturday

Best laid plans don't always work out. There are times when you just have to change your plans to fit what is possible. I so wanted to be at the wedding of my sweet friend Nicole today. To make that happen, I cancelled my trip to Arizona for another wedding and headed off for a 4 1/2 hour drive this morning at 6am. When Mom, Lissa and I arrived in Clovis at the hotel to get ready, I went online to get final directions to the nuptials. After spending a bit trying to find my way I finally conceded and pestered the bride. Unfortunately, through miscommunication, we were an hour and a half past the small country church. With little time to get back and a hotel already nested and paid for I had to give up.

Did I desperately want to be there to support and share in this special day? Of course. After a tough week at work was I physically able to drive another 3 hours before returning home tomorrow? No. Tomorrow we need to be back home in time for Cameron's sermon by 10:30. So I texted Nicole, apologized and headed for the hot tub.

So a cancelled trip, 9 hour drive resulted in a day of rest, hot tubbing, and enjoying my mom and granddaughter. A wedding would have been nice but though that was the plan for today it was not what was possible today. I am grateful for the nap and companionship that are my Saturday. The facebook pictures will allow me to be a part of the joy of Nicole's day and I will try to catch up with her soon to give her the gift and hug I planned to share with her today.

In Him,


  1. Sometimes things hapen for a reason; you may have just needed to stop running and stop the hustle bustle and just be....just be! and that's okay.
    Take good care of yourself...

  2. It has been an unexpected day of rest and enjoyable visiting with my mom and granddaughter. I know Nicole will understand. Thanks Tracy.