Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Hit The Fan and That Is Good!

Sometimes things have to hit the fan in order for real cleansing and growth to occur. That is happening in my life and my families life. Some things have been hidden that needed to have His light cast on them. Unfortunately, in life we have left things in the dark longer than we should have and now the messes are going to take more effort and understanding to clean up.

I am asking for prayers for the next week as we get out our shovels and dig our way out. Prayers for patience, forgiveness, and understanding among all who are involved. The future is bright as God promises, from this day forward, but first we must wade through the muck of our own bad choices.

In Him,


  1. Keep on digging, friend. Spring time is the ideal time for this project of yours, exposing things that were hidden to the light.
    "Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid." -- Basil King, Anglican priest, born on Prince Edward Island, ca. 1850, and who faced thyroid problems and blindness with success.

  2. Sending a prayer your way that God will lead you gently through the difficulties. He is faithful.

  3. Praying for GOD's miraculous touch. Blessings as you wait on our faithful LORD. <3