Saturday, July 28, 2012

Imaginary Friends

My granddaughter, Lissa, spends so much time talking with her imaginary friends. She is either a nurse, secretary, or teacher directing them or teaching them. A few days ago we got her a $2. glittery pink calculator that immediately became her new phone. Wow, it was an instant sass creator. She spends so much time on that fake fone that my son who is home from college keeps hollering for her to get off the phone. If that isn't funny enough, he just grabbed her phone and held it over her head promising to call all her imaginary friends and tell them not to call her back.

Yesterday, I grounded her from it for a couple hours for backtalking. When she got it back she immediately started punching buttons. She let out a huge sigh and said she had way too many text messages and it would take her forever to text them all back.

Wish I could still amuse myself so easily. She is never alone and needs little in the way of material things to keep her entertained. I had an old notebook full of papers that she has spent the last hour organizing and reorganizing. Just love this sweet 8 year old and all her imaginary friends.

In Him,


  1. She has a fertile imagination and is getting her inspiration from people she sees around her. Love her imaginary friends!

  2. At least now she is nice to them. A few years ago she was always scolding them. I know things are better at her house! Kids play can be windows to their worlds.