Monday, October 22, 2012

Trick or Drink, Huh?

'Trick or Drink'

Now Ron and I are not big drinkers and we certainly would never drink and drive but I must blog about this since it is part of our kids history. History that they probably don't even have memory of. On Halloween when our kiddos were littles, Ron and I would load them in the wagon all costumed up. Then we would pull them around the neighborhood to 'trick or treat'. The only difference between us and the other parents on the sidewalks was that we each tucked a shot glass in our pocket before we left the house.

At our friend's homes, we would shout over the kids giggles and screams, 'trick or drink' and then we would imbibe on whatever they had handy. It was never a drunken walk just a way to warm up on a cold, October night. Sure made for a fun time when friends would be shocked and then laugh and bring out some sip of beverage for us. It became a tradition in our little neighborhood and soon other parents were tipping their glass as the pirates and princesses loaded their pillowcases.

I look at it this way, we stole a lot less of our kids candy since we came home pretty sleepy and ready for bed. FYI it is never such a great idea to mix drinks.

In Him,


  1. Now that is a way to make trick or treating more enjoyable for the grown ups!

  2. I want to go trick or drinking.