Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Her Heart, Her Love, Her Life

I Am In Love

I have noticed that when someone is in love, there is a certain sense of urgancy in them. They want everyone they know to hear about the one that so harbors their affections. They will try to squeeze it in to any conversation. Naturally they can't wait for the people they know to meet this love of theirs. That is where I am. I am so stolen, so captivated, by love himself. His name is Jesus. and I am His bride. I am stepping aside and giving Him the pen.
As you read my words, a fraction of my heart, I hope that you smile. That you may sense Jesus' presence so strong. That He would be closer than your breath. May we be like infants. A child, capable only of resting, gazing and listening to our Fathers beating heart. To lie against His chest and breathe in His peace.
There is a place I go when I pray. It is a one room wooden cabin next to a river, clear and cascading. My wooden cabin...where I dwell in God's spirit is hidden. Only the birds and the trees know where it is. tucked perfectly, folded between giant pines. When I open the front door there is a fireplace, crackling and dancing. A couch made for connection. Windows stretching down to the floor. bare. no curtains to dim the sun. In the middle of the room there is a wooden table. Upon entering the cabin, God the Father stands up, greets me with out stretched arms. Offering me compassion. From the seat next him Jesus, the perfect Son of God arises and washes my feet. The Holy spirit is preparing a meal for us. This is where I fall face down, where I rest, where I gain wisdom, where I fall in love daily. Falling deeper and deeper in love with the trinity as we recline intentionally on the couch.
His grace is so much more than enough! Jesus is so in love with you, me, us. He's got it so bad for you. Your name engraved in the palms of his hands. I pray that you would sway in his silence. When he is silent...He is not abandoning...only listening. The same silence that lives in your soul, He created the moon and the sun with. I pray that each of us would outwardly express what He inwardly does in us.
We will fall at the foot of the cross, at the author and perfecter of faith. Died so that we may not grow weary. God promises this. That one day all of our tears will be no more, but until then He weeps with us.
How blessed are we?!

Natalie Barber

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