Sunday, November 10, 2013

Fork In The Road

So often in life we come to a point of making a decision to go this way or that.
Fear and doubt can guide us as we look back to the safety behind us.
When what we need to do is look grab the hand of someone who loves us and look forward.
Which path we take is less important as who we take with us on that path.
As we reach the last few years of our careers, the choices are not this way or that but endless.
All the choices of youth have been decided and are what got us here.
I feel blessed that Ron is here to keep my hand in his as we
approach this next phase of life.
Life has not always been a smooth road for us.
Son's Suicide

But I am thankful that at this moment we are walking into our future
hand in hand.
God knows what will be down the road for us.
I trust it will be full of adventures, friendships, and love.

In Him,

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