Sunday, May 11, 2014

A Birthmother's Heart Forms Families Through Love

Happy Mother's Day to Birthmothers Everywhere

 I'd choose you again.
Infertility can be heartbreaking.
Thoughts of failure, loneliness, inadequacy abound.

Thankfully, God put it on our birthmothers hearts 
to bless us in a way no one else could or would.
These selfless ladies show more courage and love than anyone else we know. 

An unwanted child? Not even close to the truth.
Chosen children are prayed for before they were ever conceived.
Chosen children are prayed for throughout their lives silently by
a birthmother that thinks about them daily.
These chosen ones are double loved everyday of their lives.

Mother's Day is a celebration of all Moms.
Those who wipe your tears and those who shed tears that no one else sees.
Birthmoms made a choice.
Today and everyday, I am beyond grateful for their most unselfish love.

With anxious hearts and open arms,
we sought you everywhere.
You, dear child, are a gift from God,
The answer to our prayer.
No matter whether birth or choice,
A home is blessed from above.
When caring parents claim their child,
A family is formed by love.
- Author unknown

In Him,

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