Thursday, April 16, 2015

Much Love and Inside Jokes From My Girl

This amazing birthday card from my Natalie. Her words are my most precious gift.
      Mom, even though you're not my real mom, we share so much. I love that we are so close and that we tell each other everything. We're there for each other, and I need that. You are my closest friend. You are a necessary part of God's Kingdom. You are kind and refreshing to people. You're not too old and you are not a fly on the wall. The world needs you to be you. Just because you are 45 (I am 59) doesn't mean you get to lay low and deprive the world of you. You are so beautiful. It's never too late to start something new. If you want to be a weaver, then damn it, be a weaver. If you want to be a professional walker, do that. But if you want to be a mermaid, then you need to always choose that one. 
     I love swimming with you, and I want to savor each moment with you. They are truly precious to me. You glimmer! You are the yellow paint in a white room. I love you mom, so~so much.
                Tillie XOXO

On my wrapping paper she wrote more.
     You taught me how to cook, write, put in a tampon, swim, how to look~look away, to be generous, turn any object into a microphone. You taught me how to be playful and always young and messy buns. You can spit or you can cuss but you CANNOT do both. You taught me that the worst put-down is you are an ugly, stupid, whorish ghoul. You taught me how to make shit up. Joy~Jesus Others then Yourself. Nobody likes you~ nobody liked you first. 

     This is one of my most treasured possessions. Incredible words from my remarkable daughter.

In Him,

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