Sunday, August 23, 2015

Life Unplugged

It is a powerful connection between our lifestyle and the internet. This week we have had trouble with our router so we have been disconnected. I was at 20% left on my phone's data plan so I chose not to use my phone to connect. Occasionally, I strolled across the street to Jenn's patio to hook up to her wifi but for the most part I remained unplugged.

No Facebook, no Netflix, no online shopping, no world news made for a quiet week. It occurred to me that I have actual books in my house, a television in my living room, and stores in my community. Surprisingly enough, my phone works to call people that are my friends in life as well as on FB. There is also the real possibility of meeting others face to face and having a conversation with~wait for it~ our voices. Shocking I know.

To be honest I was pretty pouty this week without internet. It frustrates me that I am so dependent on my wifi that even my mood is affected. Can you imagine how cranky I would have been if my Direct TV had glitches last week as well?

Seriously though I missed some things last week. A friend was having a really hard time and I wasn't on Facebook to notice and reach out to her. Luckily, a mutual friend called to ask me if I knew what was going on with her so I was able to go check on her.

 It is such a blessing that we can stay in the lives of those we love through all the means we have these days. I am glad our internet is back up and running. My life is fuller with the connections I have and the support I get from my friends and family online. I wouldn't change today's technology for the 'good old days'. What a gift it is to see the pictures of newborns and the wonderful celebrations of my cousins. There is no time to send pictures, even through texts, to everyone.

I am going to try to be more mindful of the other worthwhile things in my life. Okay, I am going to do my next Bible Study with my Bible and a study guide I can hold in my hand. But hey, the Blue Jean Bible Study that I am finishing up is awesome how it has links for all the verses and can be done when wifi is up and running. The truth is everything in life even how we connect is all about balancing and moderation not about banning them from our lives.

See you all on Facebook and call me for coffee!

In Him,

Now you know why I haven't blogged this week.

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