Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Open My Eyes And See Their Love

I just need to open my eyes and really see my gifts. The love of so many.

 As most of you know, I love to drive so I spend a lot of time in my car. We bought my little Yaris two and a half years ago and have put 65,000 miles on it.
 So I have decorated my car with items that others have blessed me with.
 There is a sweet heart hanging off the rear view mirror that Natalie DeMiguel, a high school friend gave me. I rotate it with hearts Mom and Nina gave me so I can enjoy all of them. 
On the little shelf by the dashboard clock I have a heart B gave me, a silver coin that says 'Live Well' that I found in Erica's speech room after she moved to Ohio.
 There is a little ring from my granddaughter and a button from Ron. 
Even my turn signal is decorated with a lime green bracelet that says Joy from Jenn and a jelly bracelet that Savannah made me in Seahawks colors. 
My bumper has a Seahawks sticker and my rear view window has a 'Be Joyful' sign that I can see when I back up. There is a Young Life sticker on my side window. 

When I get in my car I feel the love of others around me.
 Their generous, thoughtful gifts fill my vision and my heart.
When I pull into the driveway and walk in our home there are even more treasures
that fill my heart. Pictures on the walls of family and friends and a lifetime of collectibles that are only precious to Ron and I because of the memories they bring back.
 My fridge is even covered in drawings from my grandkids and pictures that smile back at me.

There are days when my 'orphan spirit' tries to convince me that I am not loved and cherished.
The truth is the evidence is everywhere that I am. I just have to believe what is real.
Even my Facebook page fills with hearts that others send me. 
I adore the hearts they share but mostly I am humbled that others think of me and my Ryan when they see hearts. Ryan brought me more sweet heart rocks than I remember. 
My friends and family keep him alive in my heart and in my space with their generous gifts.

Whenever I throw my pity party that I am not loved enough.
I just have to walk through our house or take a seat in my car. 
I am loved. The proof is right before my eyes.

In Him,

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