Sunday, January 31, 2016

Ronnie B. and Me

What a glorious weekend! I got out and visited with so many close friends and ended today with a soak at the hot springs in Ojo with my Ronnie B.  Perfect, relaxing weekend. Now we are eating burnt popcorn and diet coke/bourbon for dinner. Ready for another adventurous week in middle school. Monday~bring it on!

Ron has been submitting resumes to begin a second chance at engineering that he loves. I have signed up for to look into positions to teach internationally. Hold on to our hats we are attacking this retirement concept with both hands in the air. I will teach somewhere else as long as it is walking distance to a warm, sandy beach. The Virgin Islands will do.

We are aware that we will need extra bedrooms so all of you can come visit us and some may even relocate with us. Anyone want to rent our house? I guess I am getting a bit a head of myself. But we will make sure whoever rents the house is friendly with Jenn and B. Can't have them complaining that our ice maker doesn't work when there is plenty of ice in Jenn's fridge just steps from the front door.

I feel a renewed energy having spent time with people rather than time on my couch with Netflix. It is exciting to realize we may really start next school year in a foreign land. If that doesn't pan out I will be seeking tutoring students here in Los to keep my kid heart filled.

Now on to finish my popcorn and catch up on Facebook with the rest of you.

In Him,

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