Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Thanks For The Memories My Son

Happy Birthday Scooter!

Today would have been your 30th birthday and we should be teasing you about being an old man. But you my son will be forever young. We won't be watching your hair turn grey or thin, your beer belly grow, or hear about your aches and pains. You will remain 24 in our eyes forever. 

I have spent the past few days tearfully looking at pictures and videos. Just listening to your voice makes me smile. My heart aches for you to bring me one of your delicious, creative recipes. For your last birthday Dad and I gave you a fly tying kit and a book called 'Writing Cookbooks For Dummies'. On your death certificate I got to fill out I listed you as a chef because in our eyes and your heart you were one. You were so much more than that. Your most important role was encourager. My heart would dance when I picked up the phone and heard you say, 'Hello Beautiful'. I think you saw the beauty in all of us. There are people like Jess Bailey who still write on your wall that you only met once. Others like Paul Smith you grew up with and are forever in his heart. 

Ryan, I don't know what birthdays in Heaven are like but if there is a way to turn it into a party you will. Rex will be up there celebrating not only you but his sweet Megan's 21st. My son, you are my heart. You have been since the first time I met you. You will be when I am old and losing my memories. I am gifted with memories and having your Dorothy and Lissy to love. Your family has grown with Hector and Ami to give me even more to love. 

Happy Birthday son. Today we celebrate your life with a balloon launch at Overlook park where you sped around on your bicycle. The joy you brought will be there this afternoon along with stories of your adventures. As Bob Hope would say, 'Thanks for the memories.'

In Him,

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