Thursday, June 9, 2016

Hearts and Travel in Peru

Peruvian people would have absolutely no trouble driving in our American New York City. I am convinced that their varied honks are a means of communication and not just agitated noise. Our mission team has traveled in Martin and Tracy's van and in a van/bus that they call a Comby. The banged and bruised vans are everywhere and these 7 passenger vans often have 20 or more people stuffed inside. Standing is perfectly acceptable and necessary. The streets of Trujillo are mostly 2 lane but the people drive as if it were at least 3. Their are traffic cops but Tracy assures us that the only tickets they give out are for people not wearing their seat belts in the front.

There are also taxis which are less safe to get into with just you and a driver. Robberies and kidnappings occur more often in these. The mode of transportation that most of the worship team uses is mototaxi. These are 3 wheelers that are more like a motorcycle rickshaw. They are everywhere and brave their way through chaotic traffic with everyone else. These are especially helpful out in the poverty infested outskirts of Trujillo where we have been doing outreach.

The worship team works/tarajar, goes to school/escuela before making their way out to sing and share the word of God/Dios. Each of them comes from their own tough situations that don't stop them from enthusiastically embracing others with their love, their arms and their words. It is hard to believe our team has only known them for 5 days when we have all become family in Christ/Christo. Our testimonies and theirs have bonded us as we reach out to people who have so little but continue to beam their bright smiles that shine. What a life changing gift this experience has been to each of us in our own way. None of us will leave here unchanged. Only God knows the impact those changes will have on our lives and the lives of those around us. Personally, I can't wait to see!

In Him,

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