Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Papa's Rules As Told By Grandkids

Rule #1~ No whining.
Rule #2~ Do what Papa says.
Rule #3~ Old guys rule.
And the unofficial rule is~ always eat sandwiches.

These are the rules my Washington grandkids told me they had to follow when Papa came up and took care of them for a week last September. Kayla really didn't want to repeat Rule #3 even though she clearly remembered it. Timmy, however proudly told me OLD GUYS RULE with a fist bump for his Papa. Even Kenzie didn't complain that Papa's. Menu mostly consisted of sandwiches. It tickles me to hear how much fun they all had with their Papa.

This year Papa has been making videos with Timmy and Kayla complete with sound affects. The sound affects are definitely important but the giggles and grins are what make these videos priceless. 

After 39 years of being married to this Papa, I wouldn't think I could love him any more. But his love of our family and the joy he brings fills my heart. Watching him with our grandkids brings up memories of all the trips we shared with our own kids throughout the years. One of my favorite moments in our Alaska video has to be the Ho~Down we recorded. It was really a simple moment shared between the kids and their Dad but was captured forever on film. Ron got out his harmonica at a campsite and got the kids all clapping, stomping their feet and singing. Presto, instant Ho~Down. The giggles and grins were most certainly the most priceless of that moment as well.

Today, we are off to a wild animal park where the elk will most certainly stick their rather large heads in the van to take bread out of the kid's hands. Our cell phones will record all the excitement of these moments we get to share. I'd say life is pretty good in retirement with my Ron, their Papa, and the man of my dreams. 

In Him,

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