Saturday, July 2, 2016

Right Now! Not After I Count To Ten


I am starting to believe this is an evil word.
Of course the word is not really evil and it innocently exists.
What I mean is we use this simple, four letter word against ourselves.

Ron made me promise before we ever got our chosen family
that I would not count to five or any other number when asking them to stop a behavior.
Many parents count.
'I'm going to count to five and you better turn that TV off.'
'I'm going to count to three and you better stop punching your brother.'
Ron's thought was that if we want the kids to do something or stop doing something,
we should expect it now not in a few minutes.
Of course, there is much to be said for giving kids a heads up that a transition is coming.
I am not judging here just trying to relate a parenting idea to an idea
 I am hoping to incorporate in my own adult life.

Too often I/we have a plan to change a bad habit and somehow think we deserve to have a few days/weeks to prepare for the change. 
Or perhaps our mindset is that we deserve to wallow in our bad habit for just a little while longer.
'I will start my diet on Monday'
'Next weekend I will clean my closet and pay the bills.'
Isn't this really just us counting to ten with ourselves?

Tomorrow I am starting Whole 30 again with a beautiful friend. 
I want to do this food plan for a few reasons.
This is something that I successfully completed over Christmas 
and I was so proud that I was obedient.
Not often in my life do I completely follow the rules even though I consider myself a rule follower.
Last time I started immediately.
This time I took a few days before starting.
So here are my reasons~
Weight loss
Crave Christ not food
Determine which foods negatively affect my health

Let me get back to counting or waiting to change a bad behavior.
I was so tempted raising kids to count like my mom had when I was a wee one.
But in the end, Ron was right.
If a change is needed make the change.
The past few days while I looked forward to beginning a life change I made horrible choices.
It was as if I deserved to binge my behavior because I was going to be deprived of it.
If the behavior is bad for me why would I increase it before giving it up?
I'm human.

Luckily my behavior wasn't punching my sister or 
Teri would have been real angry that I took a few days to stop.
I hate admitting when Ronnie B. is right but in this he sure was.
Not only am I glad we didn't count for our kids but now I know that 
I better not count for myself. 
Guess I will go pay that stack of bills that have been waiting for too long.
Now not soon!

In Him,

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