Saturday, November 5, 2016

Half Full to Overflowing

One of my greatest gifts is the hearts of so many who share a multitude of hearts with me. That I come to mind when they see a heart in a strawberry, rain puddle or sand is one of such love. How honored I feel to be thought of. My Ryan gave me my first heart rock when he was four. Since he took his life from us over 6 years ago I have been reminded over and over of his unending love by the continued love of others.

Yesterday I found the perfect Christmas card of a pair of red gloved hands holding a heart shaped snowball. Even the saying inside is precious. "May the wonder of Christmas live in your heart always." It is pretty early for Christmas cards on November 4th but I came right home and began addressing envelopes.

 My heart ached at the thought of writing our family letter this year. It has not been an easy year for a few in my family. But when I showed my friend the card she commented that I must be excited to write my letter this year with so many blessings. What? I had been looking at life half empty rather than seeing that it is half full. Heck it is more than half full it is overflowing with joy. Are there hard situations in my life and in the live's of those I love. Yep. But the positives far outweigh the negatives. Even the negatives have the potential to shift old, wrong ruts into learning and living experiences.

So now I am looking forward to writing about our year. Don't judge me when you get your card before Thanksgiving this year. My heart is to share my life with you as you share yours with me. Our connection is the true wonder that we live with always.

In Him,

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