Friday, January 27, 2017

Helping Storms Pass

Often we refer to the storms of life as those times that things aren't going the way we had hoped. Whether it is the loss of a loved one, illness, financial difficulties we use the term the storms of life. This makes so much sense. There is no place that has all clear days. Even Hawaii gets its share of rain. There is also no place that is under a continual storm warning. My kids live in the Northwest that is known for its rainy days but last summer we swam in a beautiful lake basking in the sun. 

Life is like that too. All of us go through the aches and pains of life whether we bring it on ourselves or our circumstances are just harder to live with than other people's. The truth is life is not fair. Some have to deal with constant pain, some deal with grief greater than most, and their are people who feel they just can't go on. Even though climates as well as storms differ around our globe there are comfortable days and days we better bundle up everywhere we go. Life is the same. Some live with harsher weather and some seem to get that life on the beach everyone dreams about. But even in the hardest days we can cling to the hope that there will be better days ahead. That is what we call hope.

Lately, it seems we have been losing our hope in the world, our country and even in each other. We are allowing ourselves to dwell in and mope about the storms. This loss of hope is destroying our faith and our acceptance of each other. All we are left with is hopelessness and judgement. I have faith this storm will lift in our communities and our country. But it will take each of us being kind and accepting rather than hurtful and condemning. 

Our hope has to be in each other not in politics or politicians. Our love for each other has to be stronger than our hate for each other. This rough weather can pass if each of us turns our face to the warmth of compassion and empathy. 

I am guilty of having a terrible attitude myself. I push the hide button on everyone's posts and avoid political speak like the plague. I shove it all away rather than trying to understand the heart of the person who is so angry, hurt or scared. Heather has been the best example through this storm. After the election she baked and delivered cookies to those who were so upset. She reached out with kindness even if she didn't agree with them she was willing to understand that they were grieving. Wow! I want to live like that. How quickly my own storms would pass if I chose love over a judge mental heart.

In Him,

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