Thursday, July 13, 2017

Dunebuggy White Knuckles

Today we went on a dune buggy over the dunes. When the guy was telling us the rules and how to operate this metal cage on wheels, I explained he didn't have to worry about us. We are conservative and won't go too fast or take risks. He laughed. Then we got in and Ron took the wheel. LOOK OUT! My husband became a maniac daredevil. We bumped and jolted over the steep sand dunes and at times it seemed we would roll the rig over on its side. Needless to say the only reason we didn't biff it completely was because of Dorothy and me screaming at the top of our lungs from the back seats. Like armchair quarterbacking, Ron couldn't have kept us safe without our hollering.

We rented the dune buggy for 3 hours and all the family got to have the thrill ride of their lives. I am glad Mom opted out because the reality is it was even a bit more than I could handle. It was fun seeing all the kids faces covered in excitement as they told of their adventures on the sand. All agreed that Papa was a wilder driver than Cam but not by much.

This is our last day in Pismo and later tonight we are celebrating Lissa's 13th birthday and Cam will baptize her in the ocean. After the sun goes down we will have our bonfire on the beach and eat cabbage roll soup that is her favorite. It is sad to be ending our trip but oh the memories we have made this week. It has been the perfect blend of family time, laughter, surf, sun and wild rides. I am so thankful for those who made it here this week and can't wait to see those who didn't make it next time. What a gift family is to us. What memories these sweet cousins have made together. What a life Ron and I share. The adventure is still unfolding just beyond the dunes.

In Him,

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