Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Chosen Families

Did Joseph adopt Jesus? My kids grew up with the reality that families can be chosen instead of birthed. That parents adopt children into their arms and into their hearts. Naturally, they made some assumptions about how Jesus' family was formed when they heard the Christmas story.

If Jesus is God's son and Joseph is his father then.........did Joseph adopt Jesus? This makes me smile since clearly Joseph raised God's son so I guess my little darlings understood the story pretty well. In reality, Jesus, Joseph and Mary were a chosen family. God chose them to raise Jesus and they chose to raise him as their own.

Once when we were in the hospital visiting a friend we stopped by to see the newborns. Ryan and Tanner asked where the parents who were adopting the babies were. Their little minds just knew adoption. We had to explain that their are times when parents keep and raise their own babies.

I am thankful that my children grew up knowing about their adoptions and understanding that they were chosen to be a part of this family. There was never a doubt that their birth parents loved them enough to give them life and help choose their chosen family. My kids didn't feel abandoned or unwanted but loved and cherished.

Loving and cherishing a child is not about biology or the first nine months. It is a heart connection. I thank God he chose exactly the right children for Ron and I just like he chose the perfect young couple to raise His son.

In Him,


  1. Beautiful! And I never had thought about Mary and Joseph as a chosen family but of course they were.
    But there are other types of chosen family, you know. You are my chosen family.
    I love you.

  2. There is great peace in knowing God is in control :)
    I am also adopted and understand your kid's joy