Saturday, January 21, 2012

Step Away Or Lean In?

I heard somewhere that you can tell a persons priorities in life by their checkbook and calendar. It is clear to me that I need to devote my time to people who truly matter in my life. A cup of coffee with someone who loves and encourages me or needs comfort and strength from me is time well spent. Time just laughing out loud with the joy of sharing lives is time well spent. Spending time with others who make me feel bruised or bullied is not being noble but foolish.

How often we spend too many years in the presence of people or situations that only separate us from God. When what fulfills us and fills us is to surround ourselves with those who bring us closer to Him. I look back over my life and sometimes regret the people losing touch with friends who are no longer a part of my life. What I realize is some of those relationships were never healthy even when I was choosing to devote time to them in my daily life. Others were a gift and a loss when we moved in different directions. 

We tell our children to choose their friends wisely. We fret when they are 'hanging out' with the wrong crowd. Those we perceive will lead them astray rather than providing them with good directions. Yet we adults often choose friendships that are not supportive and encouraging us in to be our best and brightest. Do we just not want to hurt others feelings or is there a reason we feel we can't flee?  Hmmm. I am reflecting on me and my own choices here  definitely not enlightened with the answers. Even at my ripe old age of 55 I have those friendships that would be better cast off and those I need to step toward.

In Him,

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