Sunday, February 5, 2012

Cast Off~~New Shoes

Every 4 months from the time Natalie could walk until she was 5 years old they would put a cast on her sweet little leg. It was to stretch her heel chord, so it was extremely painful for about 36 hours. Then she would go about her business like she wasn't even wearing the darn cast. The docs gave her casts in many bright colors and fancy patterns. But the fact that she was in agony was heartbreaking. She would wear the cast for 3 or 4 months and then learn to walk with her withered little leg and rebuild the muscle.

We had to drive to Albuquerque to see the specialist each time. So we tried to make a big deal out of it and even stayed in a hotel at times to swim before she got casted. Each time we went back to get her cast off I somehow forgot her other shoe. It was important to have 2 shoes after they removed the cast, so we could run errands in the big city. So inevitably our first stop had to be to buy new shoes for my little miss. It became a joke that her forgetful mom didn't think to bring the other shoe. To be honest, after 3 or 4 months I probably couldn't have found her other shoe if I had remembered to bring it. A bonus for Natalie was a new pair of shoes to go with getting her cast off.

Little did I know back then that my forgetfulness was going to be a memory maker. Now we smile when we think of the shoes we shopped for on those trips to the city to get her cast off. The memory is well worth the price of a few pairs of cute little shoes.

In Him,



  1. I love how even the trials we go through can become joys!

  2. I call those moment "Mommy Treasures", remembering precious moments that will forever be in your memory, sometimes sad, sometimes sweet, sometimes not so sweet but each one a treasure when they come back into your memory!