Monday, February 13, 2012

Love My Daughter's Heart For Those Who Stole Her Honda

If only Natalie's recovered, stolen Honda Civic could talk. Where did it travel the past 3 months? We really have no idea since her speedometer has been broken for a few years. Who spent time in this car and what did they do in there? It is obvious that someone slept in the back seat from the mysterious couch cushions that were placed just so when we found it. But if they were homeless wouldn't they have been cold? Why didn't they take her winter gloves or either of the 2 pairs of boots that were still in the back seat?

After getting it detailed, shampooed and throwing away all evidence of its adventures, it seems like it has never been missing. But it was missing from the day before Thanksgiving until the beginning of February. So who took it? Why did they take it? How did they get in a locked car and get it started? Were they grateful for a place to sleep?

My friend keeps envisioning a pregnant lady sleeping in the back seat. Hmmm. Is this car like the Inn in Bethlehem that was a much appreciated place to lay? Natalie felt a bit sorry to take her car back feeling like someone might be colder with the car gone. That is my sweet daughter. She is always thinking of others and how hard life is for those less fortunate.

We will never know who benefitted from the car being on the streets of Albuquerque. We do know that for at least the last 3 weeks the residence of the apartment building where it was parked cussed this car and its owners. They were angry that it was occupying a precious spot that didn't belong to it. Nasty notes were on the dash and taped to the windows. Some may have been thankful for Tillie's Civic but others were so frustrated by its presence.

I am thankful we got the car back for my daughter who faithfully locks her car. I am more thankful for her kind heart that has a tender spot where others may have hatefulness toward those who took her car. Her ability to forgive and understand are traits that will help her stay loving instead of bitter in life. Life happens and it is not all pleasant but how we react to the events of our lives really speaks to who we are in Him.

In Him,

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  1. Yes, the stories that car could tell. I feel like it's really special now. I think it sheltered someone who had values about not taking Natalie's gloves. I really do picture a pregnant woman. And Natalie's car being a safe haven from the cold. Natalie's car has good energy. And I think it's energy is even better now.

    It's a hero car.