Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Snow Heart Will Do

My Ryan always gave me heart rocks. He would carry them in his pocket until we were together and then pull one out and smile. My first heart rock was given to me when he was four with a big proud hug. The last one was a couple months before he died when he came for what was to be his last visit.

Now my kiddos at school find me heart rocks and are just as tickled as Ry was when they present their treasures.

Today on Valentine's Day I am believing that this snow heart was heaven sent from my son to his Mom who misses him with every breath. Enjoy spending time with our Savior my son. We will be reunited when the time is right and I will wrap you in my arms. Wonder how many heart rocks you have gathered in heaven for me!

In Him,


  1. Beautiful, Barb. So touching. Love you.

  2. Now I'm going to start looking for some for you too!

  3. No doubt that snow heart was heaven sent. What a blessing.