Saturday, February 25, 2012

Prison Clothes

Why do we at times feel like we can't sit at God's table until we are clean or good enough? His only desire is to be with us, no matter what our condition. His love and forgiveness is what will make us pure but first we must step into His presence. 

I realized that it was possible to be freed from prison while still walking through life in my orange jumpsuit. But in view of such a generous King, it seems the most insulting thing I could ever do would be to show up at His banquet table, wearing prison garments that carried the stench of death. Especially since He gave me new clothes: garments of salvation and a robe of righteousness 
(Isaiah 61:10), strength and dignity (proverbs 31:25)"

In Him,

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  1. hah, I remember feeling I couldn't go to church as a young adult until I got my act together...interesting visiting those ideas again! lovely post...