Saturday, March 3, 2012

Send Up A Balloon And A Smile

Oh what a day, oh what a day! Wait that is Shel Silverstein not Dr. Suess. But really it was a wonderful day for Ryan and Dr. Suess' birthday. Facebook took tribute to Ryan and exploded it among so many who love and loved my son. Send up a balloon. A simple idea but incredible when people all across Facebook and across this country catch the idea and join in.

So yesterday we sent up balloons some with handwritten messages and some just drifting skyward. Everyone wants it to become a yearly hug among all of us who miss my son who encouraged us all. Next year we will post pictures of the launches to further connect us on his birthday.

Cathy and Tyler got balloons for us to send up, bright, colorful balloons. This morning our family is gathering for breakfast and I will bring the 26 balloons plus cards, markers, and tape to attach their loving words. Smart phones will capture the moment for Elissa and Dorothy who can't be here today. However, they sent up their own balloons yesterday and sang Happy Birthday to her Daddy. Again I thank God for my daughter-in-love and granddaughter. What a gift they are in our lives.

Balloons and this idea make me look forward to March 2nds in the future. People's hearts and participation in this touch me so. Happy Birthday Ryan, Dr. Suess, Kylah, and Lisa.

In Him,


  1. Send a heart felt balloon for Ryan and those that love him .... Happy Birthday Ryan

  2. Awww, in my heart and mind, I will send a bouquet of balloons for you Ryan- Bless you and have a great day!

  3. Thanks for letting our family join this celebration!!!!!