Saturday, April 14, 2012

Christ Filled Newness

The hopes and promises of a new relationship are so inspiring. It is a pleasure to have a small window into my daughter and her Marine, Jack's developing closeness. They are so comfortable with each other and I am pleasantly aware that it is because they have started out from almost day one praying together, reading His Word, and laughing. This is a new time and these 2 Christ-centered young people met and began dating on the internet almost on opposite sides of the country from each other. God brings people together in a variety of ways but it was their reaching out for a like minded soulmate that helped His plan unfold.

This week they are in each other's physical presence for the first time and the anticipation of meeting outside the computer screen was intense. Watching them hold hands and gaze into each other's eyes is heart warming. Only God knows where this relationship is going or how it will develop but their desire to keep Him in the center of it is encouraging.

This mother's prayers are for each of them to remain prayerful and honest as they move forward. God knows the future but I love seeing the smile in my daughter's eyes.

In Him,

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