Monday, April 30, 2012

Other Centered

Love should be other centered.  When we put others before ourselves the return is more than if we had focused on ourselves in the first place. Never do I give out a 'God Bless You Bag' without a spoken 'God Bless You' in return. God Bless You Bags are just brown paper bags I keep in my car with a fruit snack, Capri Sun, peanut butter/cheese crackers, a handiwipe and a Bible verse. We first made them with our Young Life girls at my son's youth group. It was so rewarding to hand them out the window to someone who looked like they could use a touch from another human being, that I have continued keeping them in my back seat. Not even once have I handed one out without the person receiving it telling me God Bless You. 

Years ago, my mother-in-love gave me a hand carved, wooden madonna that I loved. She gave it to me even though one of her closest friends gave it to her. What she said was that by giving it to me she wasn't losing it but getting to enjoy it at my house along with the joy of sharing it. I loved that and have tried to adopt that sentiment with treasures in my life. Putting others first has always been a blessing to both people involved. 

We all get to that age when we are more excited to see the reaction to the gift we gave than to receive a gift ourselves. Even little kiddos are that way. At my granddaughter's 6th birthday, her friends were all wanting her to open the gift they brought first. The joy of giving and putting others first is powerful.

Tonight I got to share Bloom, a ladies night out, with some lovely ladies. I am blessed that I got to introduce them to the love and relationships that are abundant in my church home. It was a blessed evening for me and all the better because I got to share it with others.

In Him,


  1. A great reminder, thanks!

  2. What a wonderful post and such a great idea about the bags-I will have to share it with my daughter and her four girls. They always try to have McDonald coupons ready for the homeless and it makes her children's heart to know people go without food. I don't believe in giving money away, would rather buy a sandwich or give food coupons. Thank you for your sweet comment today. We are looking forward to getting our puppy on Friday-praying the Lord's favor on it and for health as well.
    Have a blessed day! Noreen