Monday, April 2, 2012

Wait, Did I Just Talk Politics?

When people start arguing politics I just need to escape. The thing is each of them is right and each of them is wrong. There are valid points on both sides and exceptions to each point. But the main problem I have is that both are convinced of their opinion and unwilling to listen to the other person. Of course, I am the same way. No one is going to convince me to quit believing what I believe. The difference is I don't want to try to bully someone into agreeing with me.

It is understandable that people are passionate about our country and the direction it is taking and this is a presidential election year. So I better learn to bite my tongue and find a quick exit when discussions get too heated. I need to leave a few dishes in the sink so I will have an escape that is productive. Better to go clean the kitchen than to sit and feel uncomfortable.

No one has all the right answers and no one will solve all the problems of the world but I guess it is good for others to discuss it. Problem is people don't discuss politics they argue politics and it always seems to get personal. Heck, I never liked to play Monopoly or Risk because someone always had to triumph over others. It made me sad even if I was the one winning.

Jesus said there will always be poor. I think He meant more than that. There will always be struggles in life and people will always suffer. Life will be unfair and there will be those who benefit at the expense of others. Is this the way it should be? No. But it is the way it is.

When I worked on the US Senate campaign as a coordinator of volunteers, I watched a noble man become sucked into politics. He went from caring for others to being single focused on winning. Do you know the way he spent most of his time? Raising money and making connections to raise more money. His ideals on how he could make a difference were at the bottom of his to do list.

I have prayed for President Obama since he was elected. Prayed that he would be a 2 term president for one simple reason. A president gets reelected when the country is doing well. My hope is that any president would get 2 terms whether Republican or Democrat. What is more important than politics and politicians is our country and its success. Some hope for catastrophe so the current occupants in Washington our ousted. My hope is that our situations improve so all incumbents on both sides stay and learn to work together.

Now I went from whining about political talk to talking politics. How is that for self focused. Listen to only me about this. That makes me smile and realize others will be completely opposed to what I have said. Fair enough! I have a sink full of dishes so I better go do them.

In Him,

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  1. OH, I hear you girl! There is no greater turn off for me than when people start talking politics and complaining about everyone and everything. I'm not happy with the state of the country either but GeezLouise, you have to give things time to work and all work together for the good of the cause!