Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Child Of Woe

Here my 56th birthday is on a Wednesday just like my actual birth day was on a Wednesday. It is said that the Wednesday's child is full of woe. That saying used to bother me since my sister was born on Sunday and the saying for Sunday's child is full of grace. I want to be full of grace not woe.

Looking back at my life's blessings and heartaches makes me realize in a way I have had more heartache than most. From infertility to lost adoptions, from lost loved ones to a son's suicide, life has not always been pain free. But for this child of woe the real blessing is that God is full of Grace and has walked beside me through every hard moment of my life.

My wonderful husband has tried to make this birthday special for me and I have been holding myself so tight bracing to get through tomorrow the 2 year anniversary of my sweet Ryan's death. It is not okay for me to skip the love and support of those who love me to dwell on the pain of his death. So I am going to embrace those who are here with me for my birthday and get through the pain of tomorrow through prayer and the love of God and others in my life.

Happy birthday to me. Today I will focus on the greatest gift I had on April 5th 22 years ago when we found out about our Natalie and treasure the life we had with Ryan and not focus on the loss.

It is not about how many woes or heartaches life brings but how we walk through.

In Him,


  1. I am touched...Thank you so much for opening your heart on this very special day! YES, you have had your share of pain but you can also look at your joy and that is good.
    Today is my son's birthday as well! So if you get a moment read my 'D'
    Thinking of you on this day and sending spcial wishes your way!

  2. Safe hugs to you during this time.....