Tuesday, May 22, 2012

35 Years and Just Beginning

Ron and I are having our 35th anniversary in a week. Life has not always been easy with circumstances beyond our control and with poor choices and stubbornness on our part. In those 35 years we have grown from 21 year olds who believed we knew all about love into 56 year olds who know we have to take everyday as it comes and keep Christ at the center of our relationship.

We spent 6 years separated from each other which was expensive; emotionally and financially. Someone told me we couldn't count the years we were separtated in our anniversary. Oh how wrong that person was! Those times were difficult but we grew and both stayed committed to each other. If anything we should be allowed to count them double!

Life goes through phases for all of us. Each of us evolves and becomes who we are with each circumstance in life and how we respond to them. I would not have chosen the path my life has taken if I had a crystal ball and could see the heartbreaks along the way. But having lived life I know that Ron and I are here because of the tears as well as the laughter. So for that I am grateful. Grateful that each of us had the tenacity and love to weather the hard times and the courage to stay in Him and together.

So I thank God for my love and my life and look forward to the future beside my friend, husband, coparent, the other half of Noni and Papa, and my prayer partner.

In Him,


  1. Congratulations on your 35 year anniversary, and yes, those 6 years count too, as you said.

  2. How beautiful. I have been married almost 37 years, and we, too, have suffered and cried, and wondered if we should have chosen this path. In the end, we are committed, and that's the root of love anyway. It's how God love US. He loves us, no matter what. God bless you and your hubby this week. You are a testament to how it should be done. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Congratulations!!! What a wonderful and truthful post. YES, it is HARD work, and YES, those 6 years count, and what a lesson everyone should get from this - you can persevere. Beautiful.

  4. Congratulations for your 35th Wedding Anniversary! And yes you should count all the years :)

  5. Congratulations on 35 years. I am so happy that you both were able to work things out and now you are together. Yes those years count. Marriage is time together and apart regardless the reason. So glad you were one of the ones that made it. love you both

  6. Congrats Barbara. I agree about it being hard work...it's not always the heart, flowers, and candy people believe it to be when first going in, but that's what makes it more special when you tough it out and look back to see how you perservered. Thanks for sharing.