Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Nickname Is What?

Funny how nicknames get started isn't it. My son has an new lady in his life that is adorable and somehow has acquired the name 'Bunny' when it comes to her and Tanner. Someone even said if she is the Bunny then does that make him her 'Carrot'? Wonder if these off chance names for each other will stick in the long run. They definitely didn't plan these nicknames, but then again that is the way with nicknames, isn't it?

Our oldest son, Cameron, was Peepers. Even at a few days old when we held him up to our shoulder he would strain to turn his head around to view all that was happening in his world. Such a curious little fellow and Peepers just stuck for most of his childhood.

Our second son, Ryan, was Scooter. Ron and I never felt we could name a child until we met them in person. Since Ryan's adoption was in Arizona, we couldn't welcome him until he was 3 days old. Okay if I am honest, I did sneak in the hospital and get a quick peek before getting booted to the curb. We had to fill out adoption papers before we actually met Ryan so we didn't feel we could name him but we had to put down something. My mom bought him a cute little outfit that said 'Scooter' on it. So Ryan's first official name was Scooter and we amended it at the final adoption to Ryan but Scooter stuck as his nickname. I might add that my 2 preteen nephews so wanted us to name him after them that his middle name is Owen which is their last name.

Our third son, Tanner, was Whippers. Tanner got his nickname a little later in life. When he could barely walk he got his first pair of slippers, Ninja Turtle slippers. That little guy loved his slippers so much we could hardly get him in shoes. He shuffled all over the house in those cozy footies and didn't want to change. Although he adored his slippers, he couldn't say slippers. Tanner was always begging for his 'Whippers' and so his nickname was born. Today, my now 25 year old son still would spend more time in slippers than shoes if he could get away with it. Somethings we never outgrow!

Our tiny, preemie  Natalie, has a few nicknames; Nat the Brat, Midget Mom and Tillie. You can imagine when she is called Nat the Brat and why! She earned Midget Mom from her 3 older brothers because although she came to us as a 2 pound bundle of joy, she soon grew to be the boss of the household. Her Midget Mom voice had all of us obeying her every command.

Tillie was the name she stumbled upon for herself. When I would tell her stories like Little Red Riding Hood or Goldielocks I would always start them my own way. 'Once upon a time, there was a little girl almost as pretty as Natalie. Here little ears heard Na~Tillie which she shortened to Tillie. When someone asked her what her name was she stood up straight and announced Tillie. 

Of course, as they grew each of my kids acquired other nicknames for other reasons. Some I wouldn't even want to know the stories behind! But Cameron became Cam, Ryan became Ry, Tanner was TUnit for a while and Natalie was Ms. Barbie to her 2nd graders at the YMCA summer program.

Personally, I like the nickname my Young Life girls gave me better than the one some of Tanner's friends stuck me with. The girls called me Barbilicious and T's friends saddled me with Barbaroids. Now who would want that second nickname, seriously.

Hope you all have wonderful nicknames that you love and that the memories of how you acquired them makes you smile.

In Him,


  1. And our girls nicknamed me Grace since I tripped over the carpet every. single. time. we went into the dining room at camp!

  2. Cute post. I love it. Only nickname I have is JBR here. :)