Monday, May 14, 2012

End Of Dream Job

Now I don't want to be a front desk clerk at a hotel. Sad but true this was my lifelong dream. I always envisioned that I would smile and have warm chit chat with satisfied travelers as they checked in or out of the hotel. Between guests I would be able to read to my hearts content. So this has always been my idea of the perfect mindless job that would make me smile. Well I know now that I would hate it and it would bore me to death. Dream over!

The next 2 weeks like the last 2 weeks I am babysitting suspended high school students that act worse than any 4 year old I know. They need someone (me) to constantly watch that they are on track and doing their work. If I take my eyes off for a second they are on Youtube or Facebook and not completing a darn thing.  Between my duties as a curriculum cop I have had nauseating amounts of time to sit and do menial tasks. My computer is all organized with every document tucked neatly in a file folder on the hard drive. I have deleted all my unnecessary emails and even attempted to read a few times.

This experience has opened my eyes to a couple things.
1. Teens don't do well drudging through curriculum on their own.
2. I don't do well sitting in one place trying to find things to occupy myself.

Therefore, I am officially giving up my dream to be a front desk clerk. Guess I will have to be happy being a middle school teacher next year. Oh and for sure I will be motivated by this experience to creatively engage my students in learning.

In Him,


  1. This is great! I recently was thinking I wish I had a job where I could read and get paid for it. Then I quickly thought, I would probably be forced to read uninteresting material and since it was then "a job" I would no longer enjoy reading! Thanks for this reality check!

  2. some dream jobs were meant to be let me on this! It sounds dreadfully horrible to be a curriculum cop; UGH!!! I do not sit well idly either...

  3. Hmmmm..... interesting job. I always thought a proof-reader would be an interesting job....

  4. :) I don't know what you've done in the past, but as someone who has been in the classroom, I can agree that almost anything you do after teaching will seem to drag (tho sometimes that is just what you need!).

  5. Thanks for a great post.

    I love my current job because it's never the same....each day brings another interesting experience. I work through an office that has a 4-H Agent (working with school, youth), an Agriculture Agent (farming, growing flowers, plants, id, disease), and a FCS Agent (family (consumer sciences...home ec..foods, diet, sewing, crafts, cooking, etc) I've been here for going on 14 years.

    In my dreams I'd like to be a librarian, Psychologist, FBI Agent, or astronaut (and yes I know I'm a strange)

  6. Your dream is job is coming. When you start teaching at the middle school. You will soon wonder how you could live with out it. You are a wonderful teacher and any school is honored to have you there. All of this is not about your ability it's about a parent that is unable to look and act clearly for her child. The system just looks for the easy way out not the correct thing to do. The system is letting you down you are not letting them down. It will be over soon and you will be enjoying the summer with your grand daughter soon. Breath, Praise the Lord, and don't forget to go pee.