Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pat Is Living It Right

I am so blessed. When I need a get away retreat, I am always welcome at Pat's. She warmly welcomes me whether she is home or not into her relaxing home. Her Albuquerque home on the hill overlooks the city lights in the evening and the hot air balloons float by most mornings.

It is rare to have friends these days where we feel truly at home in their homes. More often in our busy lives we meet at restaurants rather than around the dining room table. When we do make time for friends in our homes we spend time sprucing up to get ready for them. In our parents day friends were over almost daily so they saw each other's places in all states of disarray. The comfort of those times created what Pastor Shawn referred to as refrigerator friends. Friends who were comfortable getting what they needed from your fridge or making that pot of coffee that had been poured dry.

Pat is my refrigerator friend. She has made me and my family feel that her home is our home and that the welcome mat is always out and no invitation is necessary. It is more about her generous, loving heart than her peaceful home. The past few years with the loss of our son, Ryan, and other trials in life it has been a great escape to drive a couple hours and just hang out. Often we feel a need to get away but really don't feel like doing a lot. That is when we head to Pat's. Her loving heart and willingness to listen and pray with me makes her an angel in my life.

When I used to have Saturday morning breakfasts for middle school Young Life girls, my house felt like a welcome place for others to just hang out. We also put out the welcome mat as a few friends needed an in~between place to stay for a couple months. But lately, I have been a bit self-focused with the issues in my own life. I believe God is giving me a gentle nudge to open my home to others once again. Pray for me on how to return to a more open, loving, Pat like person. It is important that I not only embrace any opportunities but that I go out and find ways to reach out to others.

My whole Joyful blog is about putting others first especially when live is hard. Selfishly, I will gain more than others when I reach out. My inward focus is not what is best for me or God's plan for my life. I am blessed to live right on a neighborhood park where there are ample opportunities. Sharing sand toys should not be my only outreach.

Okay, I will pray. Pray for opportunities and to create opportunities. I thank God for Pat's example to put others first and I am going to stop moping and start living my mission. To know Him and to make Him known. Can't do that curled up on the couch with my computer. Time to open the curtains and let life back in. God knows it is past time!

In Him,

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