Friday, June 29, 2012

Seasons Change, Embrace Each One

To everything there is a season. Why waste time in June wishing for snow or hoping for heat in mid January? Ours is to embrace the present and know that seasons change and life moves forward. Here are a few major season changes facing our family.

 Natalie~~Seeing my 22 year old daughter developing a loving relationship with a Christ-centered man is an answer to prayer. Her path has not been easy but her desire for a man who loves the Lord and will be a spiritual leader have always been strong. God is answering her prayer in His timing and the journey to get here makes her who she is and how she will deal with life as a strong survivor.

After we lost her brother, she came home. It was the right place to heal and being together has helped us all. Who knows how much longer we will have our girl under our roof? God knows. We have been included in her long distance romance as she has a date that ends with prayer almost every night. Dates on Skype on the living room couch have helped Ron and I get to know and love this Marine she is so smitten with. We will continue to pray for God's timing and hand in this relationship.

Cameron and Britt~~As my oldest preaches one last time at our hometown church before getting behind the wheel to travel where God leads, I have a peace and awe about what lies ahead. He and his faithful wife truly believed they would raise their 3 little darlings in the safety of the place where they were raised, surrounded with family. God had other plans and less than 2 years later the moving truck is full of their stuff and they are off without a job or a home yet in place but more faith than most of us could muster.

Having them close by as their kids were born and having the opportunity to love on and enjoy their growing family has been such a pleasure. Now as they head thousands of miles away life will be different. Our lives will not be entwined daily but our hearts and prayers will always be connected. Skype once again will play a role in keeping us connected to those we love.

Tanner~~Once again T is home for the summer. He spent his year at school getting closer to his goal of becoming a paramedic. It was a rough year for him in this economy where jobs are so scarce. His relationship ended with a young lady he believed he would spend his life with right after Christmas. The biggest gift for me as his mom is seeing him return to his faith. Again, God's timing is perfect. My urgency and worry and concern were injustified. God had never unfathered my son and He waited patiently for Tanner to work through his questions and doubts.

This next year will be one of change and transition for T just like it will for his siblings. He will finish up school and begin a new chapter in his life. Where will he be and who will he be with are less certain than for my other children. But I know God has big plans for my son with the enormous heart.

Dorothy and Lissa~~ As I write this Lissa is asleep beside me and Dorothy is on a train from Arizona to say goodby to Cam's family and to be here for Lissa's 8th birthday. We are so pleased that Dorothy has remained our daughter-in-law and shares her life with us even though we all lost Ryan. She generously includes us in her life and shares Lissa with us every summer.

Dorothy is engaged to be married next May so she and Lis have a big transition coming in their lives. Lissa innocently said she thinks her new stepdad will change his name to Barber. Although we don't see that happening I am confident we will be allowed to be a part of their lives. For that we are truly grateful.

Ron and I~~ As we get closer to an empty nest later than most, we continue to fill our lives with others. We have taken a break from Celebrate Recovery and Young Life as we wait to see where God leads us next. One thing is sure we will both be reaching out to others in some way.

   Retirement is fast approaching as he bumped into our late 50s this year. It seems we are both treasuring our time at work more as we approach the end of our careers. Ron began a new position in a job he has had for 30+years and I am headed to the middle school for the first time in mine. Next year promises to be a learning experience for both of us. We also know that if we are going to take a change of station to Europe or anywhere else, we need to get off our butts and make it happen.

The heartaches we have been through with our separation and the loss of Ryan are still there but the truth is time does heal all things. We will always miss our son and wonder how life would be different if he hadn't taken his life. But the blessing  is we have his daughter with us this and every summer becuase of the generous hear of her mother. Our love and relationship have grown through the aches we have endured together. Looking forward there are no guarantees we won't face other tragedies but we know we will walk together through them with prayer and love for each other to hold us up.

Seasons change, rains come but we have a choice. We can embrace each season or cling to  the past and worry about the future. The choice is ours. Today, I look forward to the future and give it all to Him.

Believing that whatever season we are in it is our purpose 'To know Him and to make Him known' through out the journey.

In Him,


  1. Thanks you Barbara, for sharing such a heart felt post. Blessings on your family.

  2. Barbara, this is a beautiful accounting. I was brought to tears by this post. I can hear the peace in your heart come out in your words. You have given things up to God and have been comforted. Our family is in a period of transition that won't end soon, but I pray that we can all be in that place of peace.