Saturday, July 14, 2012

Oh To Be Like Lissa

Agreeable. What a marvelous way to live life. We are on our last night of a 2 week, 4,000 mile journey with our (as of yesterday) 8 year old granddaughter. Life is not always as planned and she has to adjust. Whether we are missing swimming because of a flat tire or just missing seeing a bear on the road, Lissa is always okay with life.

Rarely does she ever get angry or frustrated. Her delightful personality is just to be grateful for what she does have and what she gets to do. Yesterday was her birthday and we were in the car for 14 hours. She was happy as a clam playing with her new Build-A-Bear and staying cozy in her Hello Kitty jammies all day. So often plans get changed and we have to not do what we promised her and she just goes along.

Chipper is another adjective that perfectly describes her. I sit here by the pool watching her at 9:30 at night swimming and teaching another little traveler how to play Sharks and Minnows. There has not been one place we went that she has not made a friend or 2. Even when there are no kids it doesn't stop her. She just moseys up to a grown up and introduces herself and shares her story. Last night, the 20 year old front desk clerk not only kept the pool open later for her but gave her extra birthday cookies. Elissa is a delight to all that cross her path.

This resilient little lady has had more heartache and disappoint in her short life than most of us ever will. Losing her dad 2 years ago is still rough. Countless hours are spent watching videos of her and her dad enjoying each other. Her mom and she have had struggles and this past year Lissa finally has her first room to herself. But she never complains or whines.

Oh the lessons I can learn from this young one. Too often I am unsatisfied. Too often I don't appreciate the things I do have and get to do. Too often I don't reach out to make a new friend. Too often I don't have a welcoming attitude.

Guess I know what I want now. To be just like Lissa, my 8 year old granddaughter when I grow up. Wait! Her attitude is a choice she makes and one I can make starting right now!

In Him,


  1. Aww how precious! And happy birthday to Lissa. :)

  2. It's beautiful how kids can teach us things. They are so genuine and transparent. What a lovely trip you've had w/ your granddaughter. You are blessed, which I'm sure you know. :)

  3. Awesome! Happy Birtday Lissa! OXOX Nevaeh & Carrie

  4. Loved this Barbara...just precious. Thank you for sharing this with us.