Monday, July 23, 2012

Olympics During Election Year - Thankfully

Presidential election year is here once again. The Summer Olympics are happening once again. It occurred to me that every 4 years we get to enjoy watching the culmination of a lifetime of hard work from the talented young people from all over the world at the Olympics. While we are made to endure mud-slinging, dishonest political ads from our current and future leaders.

Perhaps it is not a coincidence that these 2 events are scheduled so close together. Maybe it is to limit the political coverage we must be exposed to. If only we could pass a law that politicians and their people can only put forth their own record and future plans and be limited to never mention their opponent. Even then honesty would be questionable but at least it would be less disgusting.

By the end of the Olympics, countries all over the world are proud of their nation and of the accomplishments of their athletes. By election day, we are disappointed even in the candidates we voted for and feel battered by the process and lies.

Maybe we need to look at the Olympic competitions for guidance in our political competition. With the athletes all their efforts are focused on being the best they can be and getting the job done, not on their opponents. If our candidates followed that strategy we would probably be proud of the outcomes on election day instead of just being thankful it is over.

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  1. Oh man, this is great. The candidates could learn a LOT from our athletes. I always think, if candidates would just talk about THEMSELVES, instead of the other guy, it would be so helpful.