Sunday, July 1, 2012

Today Is The Day, Washington Here They Come

Today is the day! That is what treasure hunter, Mel Fisher said each day for over 10 years as he hunted for the Atocha off the coast of Florida. Whatever obstacles or disappointments stood in his way, he retained his positive persistance. Continuing to believe is difficult. So many of us get discouraged and give up or use the excuse that it must not be God's will instead of working hard and waiting on His timing. In the end, Mel Fisher got the reward. Not only did he find the abundant treasures of the Atocha, he had his family there with him to share in the rewards.

Today is the day! Cam and Brit believe God's plan is to send them to plant a church in Washington state. They have spent the last year preparing for and believing in this mission. There have been numerous hurdles to jump over to get to this day. Their belief was always that they were to leave the first part of July and here it is the 1st and their journey begins. The sale of their home was further confirmation of the timing of their mission.

Now they head out with 3 young kids, a loving black lab, and a truck full of possesions. No job yet, no house to rent yet, but hearts that believe this is God's plan for their future. To know Him and to make HIm known is their mission. Lakewood Washington is where they are sent to accomplish this mission. So for now, they will store their belongings and stay temporarily in an uncle's motor home. Even that seeming obsticle will be a blessing. Cam's uncle has lived far from family as he and his wife raised their 2 girls. They are so excited to have the kids come and live near by. This living together will bond them closer before they settle into their own place and get caught up in the hectic days that lay ahead. Once again, when it seems things aren't working out, you can give up or embrace the alternatives.

Today is the day! I listen to my son preach, hug my adorable grandkids goodbye and watch as they pull that big moving truck out of the church parking lot. My prayer is to not be greedy or sad that they are moving so far away but to feel blessed for the time I have had them so close by. God's timing has allowed me so much time with my little munchkins in the past few weeks. So I had time to chew on their cheeks and do my Noni thing with each of them. Being far apart will be hard to get used to but we are connected by heart.

Today is the day that the kids can use our prayers for their adventure in Him. What amazing treasures lay ahead for them and those whose lives they will touch in Washington, He knows and they have believe in.

In Him,

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