Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Head On Collision

Ron and I were shocked and terrified to witness a head-on collision right in front of us. I was terrified to run toward the cars not knowing what condition the people would be in those mangled, twisted cars. Both drivers survived and were so much better off than their cars would testify to. Others ran to the young man in one car and Ron and I went to check on the young lady in the car that was sideways in the middle of the road.

Her name is Sarah and she was in shock as the whole right side of her face swelled before our eyes. She was unclear of what actually happened but remembered thinking that the sun was in her eyes before the impact of the accident. Guilt was immediate. She thought perhaps she turned in front of the other driver to go to the gas station across the street. After she called her mom on her cell phone and told her what she knew of what had happened and begged her to hurry and get there, her concern turned to the other driver. So many questions as she sat in her car facing the other way. What kind of car was it? Was it a man or woman? But mostly she begged me to be honest about the condition he was in. Would he survive? Would he die? She wanted specifics to assure herself that he would survive.

God gave me the boldness to ask if I could pray for this 26 year old. She said she would love that. So we prayed for the other driver, for her physical injuries and for peace that even if this was a mistake on her part that she would know it was an accident. Accidents happen. Just as we finished our prayer an EMT came up to her driver's door and began checking her injuries. I squeezed her hand one last time and left her in capable hands. The EMT would care for her. Soon her mom would be there to comfort her. But God allowed me to remind her that she was never out of His loving arms.

I thank God he gave Ron and I the boldness to run toward the wreckage knowing people were hurting and needed help. I stand in awe of our son whose dream is to be a paramedic. Thank God their are those who run toward the very situations most of us desperately run away from. Thank God for all police, firefighters, and paramedics. What heroes they are and what a blessing to all of us.

In Him,


  1. God put you there at just the right moment to minister to this young lady, and to pray for her and with her. I imagine your adrenaline was pumping mightily when you were on the scene.

  2. How beautiful. You were angels to approach that scary situation and help. That woman will remember you always, how you prayed for her and soothed her. We should all the courage to help like that.

  3. So glad you helped them, it's something I am sure that will stick with that young lady in the days to come. I am an EMT and have had the privilege to be with patients and pray for them in those dark & difficult times. Blessings!

  4. Yes, awesome that you were there and able to bring God to the forefront to comfort and heal.