Thursday, August 16, 2012

Praying or Snoring? Maybe A Little Of Both!

"Why does the Lord leave us here when we want to go home?" That is what my mother-in-love who is 87 and her brother, Raymond have asked each other. She said they concluded that God keeps them on earth to pray for our family. Then she chuckles and says that is not the brightest plan since every time they sit down to pray they both fall asleep. What a great sense of humor she has about life.

Tonight she called to say Raymond just found out he has inoperable cancer so the family is gathering in a couple weeks at his home. As tears fell down my cheeks it occurred to me that Mary may be jealous of him. Though we all will miss them so, they are secure in their faith and their place in heaven. It gives us comfort that we will meet again.

But in the meantime this is such a hard time for his family, our family. Please keep the Vigils in your prayers as we love Raymond through this journey.

In Him,


  1. It sounds like God is calling, and wants this good man, sad tho it is for family here.

  2. Oh how sweet face to face will be. I have a 94 year old mother in law who is ready for that but she continues to trudge forward....some days SO VERY WEARY. It is a difficult stage of life...sometimes the mind still so sharp but the body worn out and yet there can be lingering. Praying His sweet presence as your family walks through this.

  3. You and your family will be in my prayers. I do believe Mary may be jealous and sad. God still has work here for her. My heart hurts that she feels this way, but hope I can pray it away

  4. So sorry for the family news. Sending a prayer your way. I can so relate to your folks are 89 and 92 and they wonder, with all their ailments, why they are still here. They, too, fall asleep when being still for anything! Only God knows the number of our days, I know. but, sometimes I'm tired myself and would just like to be done here!