Wednesday, October 31, 2012

5 Minutes A Room: My Housecleaning Solution

I used to put a paper in a hat with the name of each room and then let them take turns pulling one out. We called it 5 minutes a room. We would have everything ready; brooms, mops, dusters, cleaning solutions,  then work for 5 minutes each room blasting our favorite tunes. All of us would all be in the same room, even in the bathroom, laughing, cleaning and bumping into each other. Good times! I wonder if my kids remember it as fondly as I do?

This idea turned a boring, tedious chore list into a joyful noise of sped-up cleaning. So here is the great thing, we had 10 rooms in our house and with 5 minutes a room  our house was spotless in under an hour. The first few times we tried it I was not sold. It didn't seem like we needed to mop the floors or clean the mirrors daily in the bathroom. But a friend reminded me that we also had drawers, cupboards, and a medicine cabinet in that bathroom. So we actually kept our house deep cleaned wit5 minutes a room.

 It amazed me how my kiddos took pride in keeping the house clean and how they enjoyed getting to draw which room we cleaned when. Also, it showed me that I didn't have to be 'in charge' of everything for it to get done. Hope this idea is beneficial for you and your little ones.

In Him,


  1. What an ingenious concept! What most people scorn about house cleaning is that it takes a lot of time to finish. And unfortunately, time is a luxury that’s not enjoyed by many. Five minutes a room is enough to clean a whole house satisfactorily without spending a lot of time. And what’s more, the name is like a game that kids can enjoy. :)

  2. 5 minutes a room? Yes, it’s fast cleaning, but isn’t that way too fast? I think 5 minutes is enough for a room that’s not so dirty. I guess the best tip to make cleaning a lot faster and a much lighter activity is to exert a conscious effort to be responsible enough to keep everything in order and clean.